Inverell Anglican Church

15th July 2019

The oak panelled Anglican Church Honor Roll, made by returned soldiers at Randwick Hospital, was unveiled on Sunday 4th May 1919 by Mrs. W D Wright of Inverell. Her five sons enlisted for service during World War 1.

The Honor Roll shows the names of approximately three hundred men, including the following who were Killed in Action:-

PS Anderson, AF Brown, F Baldwin, A Bone, D Brown, F Brown, W Brown, W R Burton, W H Bacon, G V Benson, H Campbell, C Cheadle, Bourne, WJ Bucknell, H W Bowd, L E Church, C Drinan, C Daskey, A Fowler, F Fox, C Guan, A Gamble, C Grove, W Grove, A C Gooda, C Guyer, J E Hobbs, K Harris, J A Lennard, E Leese, L Madden, BE Marsh, C McElroy, W Medhurst, F Morgan, D McKillop, WJ Morris, E Mallise, J Newman, C Norris, RC Palmer, J C Palmer, C Peacock, E E Reed, R Roberts, K Saddler, C F St Clair, R Thomas, E Turner, E Woodford, G C Woodford, G H Wright, W Winkworth, J H Wilson, S Williamson, R Dickson.