Inverell Methodist Church

15th July 2019

This Honor Roll, which was present to the Church by Mr. Percy Nott, was unveiled on Sunday 26 March 1916, during anniversary celebrations for the Church. The Roll commemorates those who responded to the ‘great call of the Empire’. The day’s events began with a parade led by the Salvation Army Band and military units led by Lieuts. Gilchrist, Moore, Northcott and Farrand. The Roll was unveiled by a Mrs. Jenkins, a well known church worker.

Names recorded at the date of unveiling were:- H W Jenkin, Percy Wright, A E Richards, Clarence Moore, A E Hapgood, C M Moore, T W Thresher, C S Secombe, A W Addison, E N Thomas, C S Coggan, L R Colley, S H Colley, L R Cutts, L S Gates, P C Dale, P H Bentley, J J Boatwright, G H Eddy, W J Horner, R A Hardwicke, L V McLeod, C R Rolfe, F L Rolfe, S E Rolfe, T C Waters, J Stapleton, L V W Maynes, A J J Weigold, A A Fowler, J Davies, A J Pigott, A C Truman, C N Moore, N J Moore.

The Methodist Church is now known as the Uniting Church.