Little Plain Public School Honor Roll

15th July 2019

As reported in The Inverell Times newspaper, Tuesday 18 July 1916, this Honor Roll, unveiled in July 1916, was first in the Little Plain District. It was the idea of the School Headmaster, Mr. Bateson ‘to pay a tribute of honor to the old time pupils of Little Plain School who have volunteered.’

The Mayor of Inverell, Alderman G.B. Ring, unveiled the roll which included names of those who had been rejected.

For King and Country 1914-1918

Names of volunteers

T. Maher, L. Bevan, O. Phifer, W. Phifer, W. Hobday, S. Moore, G, Moore, W. Finney, Claude Fox, C. McClymont, H. Redman, J. Hackett, G. Tonkin, C Guan, A. McClymont, A, Truman, W., Chappell, R. Seagrott, S. Younie, H. Bartlett, J. Moore, V. Bartlett, H. Rainger, Ern. Byrne, Ed. Byrne, L. Schultz, G. Faulkner, H. Bruce, J. Finney, E. Bateson, A.G. Hammond, S. Leonard*, Herb. Finney*, Sam Squires*, D. Bell*, J.A. Gentz, P. Leech, W. Taylor, A. Taylor, A. McClymont.

* Rejected

This timber Honor board is now in poor condition, with many names difficult to read.

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