Ross Hill Public School

16th August 2022

On 9 November 1916 this Honor Roll was unveiled by Mrs. Furze, wife of the President of the School Parents and Citizens Association.

Made of polished oak, it was designed by Mr H A Roberts, and made by local builder, S H Curry. Thomas Brothers did the engraving and polishing.

At this time the Honor Roll listed fifty-nine boys who had been pupils at the school. Eight of them had already given their lives during the war. The Honor Roll appears to have been altered and additional names added later, including Nurse Vera Mason.

The names of the first fifty nine men are as follows:- A. Currie, L. Lyons, L. Smith, M. Gibson, S. Bevan, W. Brown, A. Gilchrist, C. Woods, R. Ramage, S. Macdonald, H. Leslie, C. Olsen, R. Chappell, W. Chappell, P. Daskey, C. Daskey, F. Fox, N. Koina, F. Ditzell, S. Ellis, C. Harris, K. Harris, P. Adams, A. Benson, G. Benson, L. Reay, A. Folkard, G. Williams, H. Tubie, J. Young, W. Carter, A. Carter, W. Grove, C. Grove, G. Morris, W. Lowry, M. Tattam, V. Tattam, L. Plant, J. Hingston, W. Seagrott, S. Callinan, W. Beavan, R. MacLean, G. McNulty, H. Cameron, L. White, B. Lambert, U. Lambert, O. Olsen, L. Campbell, J. Ross, G. Whitford, C. Lee, A. Spicer, F. Spicer, A. Gamble, H. Burge, A. McIlveen.

The unveling of this Honor Roll was reported in the Inverell Times newspaper 10 November 1916.

Photo courtesy Ross Hill Public School

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