Beaulieu Honor Roll

15th June 2019

For many years the Beaulieu community worked hard to raise funds to build their Memorial Hall and provide a local Honor Roll. Built by Mr A R (Bob) Smith, the hall was designed by Inverell Architect J F O’Connor who, as Patron of the Inverell Branch of the RSSILA, performed the opening ceremony on Wednesday 14 September 1932.

During the proceedings, the timber Honor Roll with its gold lettering was unveiled by Mrs. H C Bielby, the privilege given to her in appreciation of her community work. The Honor Roll was made by Mr. L Boggs of Inverell and records the names of seventeen men.

Before the unveiling Mrs Bielby addressed the gathering saying:-

'… It is nice to think that after so many years of patient striving on the part of the Beaulieu residents, that such a fitting memorial has been erected. It had not been erected to cause us to remember the horrors of war. We who lived through those terrible years need no reminder … It has been erected to perpetuate the memory of those dear men, who went to fight and to die for their country, and for us … ' (Inverell Times, 16 Sept 1932)

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