Early Inverell WWI Volunteers

15th August 2014

Irish born Captain Charles George Gordon was the Military Area Officer at Inverell at the outbreak of WWI. He was instructed by Sydney authorities to immediately enrol local volunteers for the expeditionary forces. These men were to be aged 20 or more and half were to be trained men who had already served.

On 19th August 1914, Captain Gordon and five volunteers, W.S. Burgin, Sgt. C. Davison, C.D. McNaught, H.B. Lawrence and S. Black were farewelled at the Inverell Railway Station.

Captain Gordon departed Australia in October 1914 and was killed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. He was just 45 years old and married with one son. Captain Gordon had also served in the Matabele War in South Africa before coming to Australia where he was then attached to the 5th (New England) Light Horse.

Private Burgin died of wounds in May 1915; Corporal Davison was killed in action in August 1915; Private Lawrence returned home in 1917, and Corporal McNaught in 1919. Black's service is currently unknown.