Copeton Honor Roll

12th February 2021

The Copeton Roll of Honor lists twenty two men who servied during WW1; eight who served during WW11 and one Vietnam Veteran.  The names are inscribed in gold on a timber board.

WW1 names are:- H R Cross, Alfred E Govers, Alfred T Govers, Arthur Govers, F Reddington, J. Reddington, M Rouch, J Doolan, H Tutt, P Cant, W Patterson, T Wells, A T Smith, F N Smith, W Cracknell, J Oliphant, E McRae, J Collingwood, R McRae, T Dasey, H McCrohen.

WW11 names are:- A Benson, S Benson, M Benson, A Govers, B Govers, H Govers, L Govers, G Heath, S Walker, A Warwick, N Frame.

The Vietman Veteran is R. Morris.

This Honor Roll is believed to be located at Tingha.

Photo conributed by D. Wiedemann

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