Inverell WW1 Cenotaph

11th November 2014

This memorial was first located at the intersection of Otho and Evans Streets, Inverell near the Town Hall. The site was chosen because it was near where the First World War volunteers were farewelled and promises given that the community would not forget them.

Made of one huge block of granite from Uralla NSW, it weighed four tons. This 6.17 metre classic pedestal and Roman Doric column on an octagonal base was designed by architect J. F. O'Connor. At the top is a polished granite urn with a draped cloth over one handle. The four panels contain the names of 229 men who died during their War service.

Funds for the memorial were raised by the community following an appeal on Anzac Day in 1924. .

In 1958 when the Memorial Swimming Pool was constructed, this memorial was moved to its current location at the front entrance to the pool, opposite the Inverell RSM Club.

Throughout the War years the Council regularly advertised for names of volunteers to be submitted for inclusion on the Honor Roll. Although the Council did their best to keep a record of these volunteers, the list is known to be incomplete.


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