The Inverell Rifle Club

28th November 2014

Many of the men who enlisted for service during World War 1 were members of the various district Rifle Clubs. The Inverell Rifle Club in their 1916 Annual Report, published in the Inverell Times newspaper, Friday 14 July 1916, stated that thirty three of their members had volunteered for War Service and during the year sixty three men had undertaken the Musketry course. Generally shoots were held fortnightly.

As many NSW recruits who joined the 36th Battalion were Rifle Club members, the National Rifle Association supported efforts to raise funds for the Battalion Comforts Fund. The Inverell Club supported this by holding a special shoot to raise money and members also contributed one shilling per month.

As also reported in the Inverell Times, by July 1916 the following Inverell Rifle Club members had enlisted:- H.P. Bergin, E.J. Bingeman, J.C. Bottom, H.W. Bowd, A.R. Brown, Spencer Butler, L. Church, R.W Crook, P.C. Dale, C.C. Dean, F. Ditzell, C.E. Evans, F.W. Fox, A.J.S. Gilchrist, R.J. Hardy, N.C. Koina, J. Lyall, A.N. McDiarmid, C. McElroy, W. Medhurst, D.W. Meldrum, L. Moss, L.S.J. Nesbitt, C.J. Norris, N.W., Oberg, T.W. Reed, C.J. Searle, F.W. Strachen, J. Swan, E.N. Thomas, P.N. Veale.  Of these men C.E. Evans was killed in action on 20 May 1915 and buried at Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli.

Several of these men were members of the Kurrajongs.