The Governor's Shield

10th September 2015

Captain Carmichael, a member of the Legislative Assembly in NSW, announced on 5 April 1918 that he hoped to raise another 1000 men to serve with the AIF as the Second Carmichael Thousand.

Shortly afterwards the Governor of NSW, Sir Walter Davidson, announced he would present a "King’s Shield" to be won by the municipality or shire in New South Wales securing the largest number of fully qualified recruits up to 1 May 1918, the numbers to be determined on a population basis.  

By early May, 35 Inverell men had been passed by the local medical officer as fit for the second ‘Car’s Thousand’.  In total 63 Inverell men volunteered during this recruiting campaign.

They were:-W. Anderson,  P. Andrews, J.J. Armstrong,  E.J. Asimus,  R.E. Benson, G. Bevan, O.D. Bell, G. Bolton,  W.P. Borthwick, P Bradshaw, W. Brown, J. Buchanan, R. C Byrnes, C.C. Chaffers-Welsh, T.P. Cleary, W.A. Codrington, S.P. Collins, H.J. Cooper, R.R.S. Cowie, J.P. Crago, W Creer, J. Cummings, J. Drinan,  J. Fischer, J.T. Finlayson, H.M. Glasser, J.W. Hagan, C. Heath, A. Hunt,  C.W Hunt, F. Jones, F. Kemp, H. Lee, R.E Luckie, R. McClymont, C.W McKenzie, J.A. McCuin, C.D. McCune, O.S Maurer, C.T. Morey, A.J. Morris, A.G. Morrow, J.O. Peck, A. Proctor, C.J. Ryan, M. Ryan, V.W. Ryan, N.J. Rogers, D.R. Scott, A.G. Searle, R.E. Singleton, A. Small, A. Smith, E. J. Smith, E. Spence, S. Tollis, J.H. Troilett, M. Walters, A.H. Warner, W.J. Wetzler, E.G. White,  F.B. White, S. Whitehorn  

Finally, it was announced that Inverell Municipal Council, with a proportion of twelve recruits per thousand of the population of the municipality, was the winner of the Governor’s Shield.

During a visit to Inverell on 23 February, 1921 His Excellency The Governor of NSW, Sir Walter Davidson presented his beautiful silver shield mounted on oak, to the Mayor Mr S.J.S. Butler.  The Governor's shield, sometimes referred to as the Carmichael Shield, is now proudly displayed at the Inverell RSM Club.

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