MILLER, Rev. James Keith

Reverend Miller, a forty four year old widower, was the Presbyterian Minister at Inverell when he enlisted in October 1914. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, had studied for three years at Sydney University and was a very keen chess player. Rev. Miller served as CMF Chaplain 1912-14 and again from 1916-19.

In 1914 he was appointed Chaplain 4th Class with the Chaplains' Corps and sailed from Sydney on 21 December 1914. Prior to departure his congregation at Inverell presented him with an engraved gold watch which was damaged on board ship off Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

At Gallipoli he became ill and was hospitalised at Mudros before being sent to Malta where the decision was made to repatriate him to Australia. He returned to Inverell where on 12 January 1916 he conducted a short religious service for the men of the First Contingent of The Kurrajongs. He offered prayers, read the 46th Psalm and gave the benediction before marching with the men through the town to the Railway Station.

Rev. Miller re-married before enlisting again in March 1919 and departing Australia nine days later to serve on ships with returning Australian soldiers. Upon his return he worked at various churches before retiring in 1940 to live in Melbourne.