Norman was born at Selby, in Yorkshire England, where his mother lived when he came to Australia about 1913. When he enlisted at Inverell in January 1916 Norman was working as a Farm Labourer at Koloona, west of Inverell. He was a single man, aged twenty three when he joined with the First Contingent of The Kurrajongs in their journey from Inverell to the Narrabri and Armidale Camps. He then became a member of the 33rd Battalion which sailed from Australia in May 1916, and arrived in England in July. Further training was undertaken at Sailsbury Plain before Norman was transferred to the 2nd Battalion and sent to France in September.

Suffering from Trench feet, he was sent back to England in May 1917 for treatment, rejoining his Battalion in France in November. He was wounded in action in April 1918 and invalided to hospital in England with a gunshot wound to his leg. Four months later Norman again rejoined his Battalion in France.

Private Norman Chambers returned to Australia in April 1919 and the following year married Laura Gallagher at Randwick, Sydney. Unfortunately he died in 1923. His name is inscribed on the Inverell Honor Roll.